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Monthly: April 2017


Common Myths About Replacement Windows

People hear different things about any and all products on the market. This counts household appliances, and different aspects on your home. As a leading window contractor we hear so many different things in regard to getting replacement windows. A lot true and a lot false. To debunk some of the incorrect information about there, here are 5 myths about replacement windows.

Windows Can’t Effect Your Energy Efficiency: Experts out there estimate that nearly 70 percent of energy is lost through a homeowners windows and doors. Replacing your old windows will transform your house and will reduce your monthly energy bill if your current windows aren’t sealed tightly.

Vinyl Windows Only Come In White: When people hear vinyl they immediately think of the color white. While this is the most popular window option, you have the option to choose different colors and styles based off your wants and needs. United Better Homes offers so many different vinyl window options so contact them today to learn more about the options.

Windows Cant Be Replaced During The Winter: People don’t think of winter as being a season that they can replace their windows. The fact is that people are often busy with family events and that’s why they don’t replace until the spring. In reality, the winter may be the best time to replace your windows. Because of the low demand, contractors often have winter specials. Contractors also take precautions so your house temperature does completely change during installation.

Vinyl Windows Don’t Recycle: Environmentally aware people may stay away from vinyl window because of this thought process. Vinyl can actually be melted down and remodeled completely! More than 18 million pounds of post-consumer vinyl gets recycled each year.

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Questions to Ask Your Window Contractor

Before you get started with a certain replacement window contractor you should do your background check. While they may seem reliable, experienced and persuading be sure that you sit down and ask them some questions. Window Replacement is a process you may not be familiar with so it’s crucial that you find a contractor who truly knows what they are doing.

After looking at the estimate and comparing your estimates, ask some of the following questions if they have yet to have been provided to you. Be aware that some of this information can be found on a contractors website but to you will want to verify anything.

1. What’s the Company’s full name and address?

Getting the full address and name of the company is important so you can validate their location. An established and trusted business will provide you with this information. There are also many cutting corner contractors that may not have an address because they are constantly moving. It is much easier to trust and established contracting business.

2. Do you carry insurance? 

Your contractor should be fully licensed and insured to protect you in the event of an accident. Besides just trusting their word, you can ask to see the contractor’s certifications and insurance before they start working on your home. Some of the reasons that a contractor wont have full insurance include:

  • Not full-time
  • Self-employed without employees
  • Can’t afford it
  • Brand new in business
  • Doesn’t trust their own work

3. How long have you been in business?

It makes sense that, the longer the better. If they are under 3 years old it could be a sign of an unstable business. Although everyone has to start somewhere so if they’re newer check for references. The failure of businesses in the first three years is much higher.

4. Will you provide references or referrals from past jobs? 

Ask for some photos of completed work. There are some contractors that don’t take pictures but nowadays with smart phones readily available they should have some. Also, try asking for some references. Give them a call as it’s important to hear from the mouths of others.

5. What is the company’s workmanship warranty?

Most company’s have a workmanship warranty of around 1 year or more. The actual length is not as important as the fact that your contractor can stand behind their work. When calling your references you can get an idea of their quality of work by asking:

  • Did they hit their deadlines?
  • Were they responsive with questions?
  • Would you refer them to your friends?
  • Did they act as if they cared about your interests?


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