Benefits of A Brand New Front Door

All home improvement and remodels increase the overall quality of your home (assuming you’re working with a skilled and reliable contractor). Some are larger projects then other but United Better Homes wanted to jump into the benefits of installing a brand new front door. If your front door is old, breaking down, unsightly or more read some of these perks.

Energy Bills: A majority of older doors have broken seals. This means that even if the door is closed that air is making its way right in your house. With a brand new front door you will see your heating and cooling bills drop.

Security: As the main entry point of your home, it makes sense that your front door should be strong, sturdy and secure. A new door from United Better Homes ensures that your door will keep your family safe.

Curb Appeal: An old door can bring down the overall look of a home. Being the first place that so many family, and friends walk through, it makes sense to have a beautiful door. Choose between a range of styles and colors to help accent your home.

Noise: If you are near the front of your home and hear a lot of noise even when it’s closed, it could be because of a poor quality door material and cracks. A new door by United Better Homes is insulated and greatly reduces noise from inside.

Resale: If you plan on selling your home, you don’t want your front door to be a piece of junk. People will be walking into your house for open houses and driving by checking it out. You don’t want a negative connotation associated to your house just because of the door.

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