Common Replacement Window Mistakes

United Better Homes is a leading replacement window contractor in Rhode Island & Massachusetts. With high quality windows and a contractor that is experienced and knows what they are doing, you’ll get the results that you’re looking for. Unfortunately, not every window installation contractor in the area follows the right steps. They are either inexperienced or try to cut corners with the hope that no one will notice and they will save a little extra cash. When you start looking for a window contractor you need to be aware that some companies aren’t as reliable. Listed below are some of the popular fundamental errors that can lead to water leaks, air drafts, structural failures and more:

Wrong Window Style: When getting new windows there are a lot of factors to consider. It’s important that you get a window conducive to your home, and surroundings. If you need more ventilation, choose windows that work well for that. A knowledgeable contractor will take any and all questions you have and will provide you with windows that you want.

Poor Caulking – Cleaning: Caulk is a fundamental aspect to installing all windows. It is the stuff which seals everything together and helps maintain that water and air resistance. The material itself must be very stick to work. If installers use caulk and apply it to dirty, unclean surfaces this could compromise the bond.

Poor Caulking – Tool Use:  As well, when adding caulk, you need to be using the correct too to create this tight bond. With the right products you’ll see a pleasing concave result. Without the proper tools, the surface will most likely look bumpy and uneven.

Trim Seal: Most window systems consist of the windows and a serious of trim pieces. If these pieces are exposed to the outdoors then they need to be sealed correctly to the window. You can tell that your windows have been properly sealed if you can see caulk squeezing out of where the window and trim meet.

Wrong Wind