Preparing My Home For Replacement Windows?

After you have gone through the process to find your replacement window contractor, it is time to get started. The contractor will share the timeline with you but before they can get started, it’s always nice if you can prepare your home before the contractors arrive. The easier that you can make it for them, the better off you’ll be. Many of these steps a contractor will remind you about but if you can get them done sooner, it will save you time!

Create A Clear Path:

Before a contractor can get to your window to start working, you need to make sure that everything around your windows has been moved clear away. If you have any tables, chairs, bed or other things next to the window, be sure that it gets moved. As well, make sure that you take any window decorations off.

Removed Window Treatments:

In addition to inside furniture, you’ll also have to take down window treatments. This means you need to take down any blinds, sheers, or curtains.

You should also take down any wall decorations that are near your windows. Contractors will be working and you don’t want them to accidentally knock something down.

Cover it Up:

Replacing windows can be dirty work. To ensure your house stays clean, work with your contractor to make sure that floors and near by furniture get covered up.

Allow Access When Away:

If you’re going to be away from the house during part of the installation process, make sure to provide access into the house. You don’t want to delay the installation process from keeping someone stranded outside so simply coordinate with your contractor.

As the contractor what else you can do to help! At United Better Homes we will make sure that your homes stay in order and clean during the process. For more information about replacement windows please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 401-274-0111 or through our online contact form.