Important Reasons to Clean Windows

Cleaning your windows can be a hassle. Let’s be¬†honest, if you have 10-20-30 windows it can take a while to clean. It’s not the most fun work either. This results in people ignoring this act of home maintenance. But… you’d be surprised by the impact and benefits that stem from a good clean for your windows. So, “what is the point”, you ask?

  1. Aesthetics: The difference between a clean and dirty window cannot be stressed enough! People so frequently overlook them, but a clean window can make all the difference for a home. Visually on the interior and exterior side of things, your home will look much more beautiful with clean windows.
  2. Degrading Quality: Windows that aren’t cleaned are at risk of being weakened. Sand from the beach, sap, bark, or pest from treas, and natural minerals from rainfall all naturally put wear and tear on your windows. A proper cleaning will never fully remove all of these dangerous causes.
  3. Value & Curb Appeal: A home is more than a one-time purchase, as it is an investment. Whether you want to keep your windows strong and healthy for years to come or if you’re looking to sell your home soon, clean windows are a major factor for curb appeal. Money Magazine even ran a study that stated, cleaning windows provides the number one ROI during presale home improvements/maintenance.

If your windows are still in great condition and you don’t need repairs or replacements, think about cleaning them!