Ultrex Fiberglass window?

Besides the fact they are made by Marvin on of the top leading window manufactures in the country.

  • They are easy to use.
  • These windows practically open & close themselves.
  • They are made to look and feel like a real wood window.
  • They are backed by a lifetime warranty (This is the only Marvin product with a lifetime warranty).
  • Ultrex fiberglass has has a tinsil strength 2x stronger than steal.
  • What does that mean to you? since fiberglass and glass expand and contract at the same rate, When your new window gets installed its going to stay true and square in the opining.


New Ultrex® Fiberglass Replacement Windows


          Vinyl                                                   Ultrex® Fiberglass

The Facts: Ultrex® Fiberglass vs. Other Windows

  • 8 times stronger than vinyl
  • 5 times stronger than wood
  • 3.5 times stronger than composite

Take a moment to look at the images on the right. The Infinity view is expanded – how? The superior strength of Ultrex® allows for a narrower window frame profile and more glass area than other replacement windows, giving you more daylight and better views.

The view through vinyl replacement windows.
The view through Infinity replacement windows.

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