Learn More About James Hardie Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding is sweeping through the United States and is making its footprint in New England. More and more people in the area are becoming aware of this siding solution but there are still so many people that aren’t aware of its specifics.

For a brief background of what you can expect from the product, here are some pros and cons:


Longevity: James Hardie Fiber Cement siding stands the test of time. It is an extremely durable siding solution and because of that James Hardie provides an amazing product warranty with it. It is completely rot, and insect resistant and can even handle salt spray from the ocean.

Appearance: James Hardie can mimic the look of almost every siding material from cedar shake siding, wood lap boards and more. Color options at your disposal are also virtually endless.

Maintenance: While getting the appearance of a wood siding, you don’t have to handle the required maintenance that comes with wood.

Fire Resistance: With fiber cement siding being comprised of 90% sand and cement, it can handle heat extremely well.


Upfront costs: If you are looking to save money up front, James Hardie may not be your best solution. It provides an incredible ROI due to its longevity but the initial cost is more than vinyl siding.

For more information about James Hardie fiber cement siding, we suggest coming into our showroom! At United Better Homes, you can view the product itself and learn more about how it compares to other siding options.