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North Smithfield Roofing & Siding Project

  • North Smithfield Roofing & Siding Project

United Better Homes was in North Smithfield last month transforming this homes exterior with brand new roofing and siding.


Siding: The white siding on the house was breaking down and falling apart. It was loosing color throughout different parts.

Shutters: Blue shutters with the white siding brought down the appearance of the home.

Roof: The roof was in really bad shape as you can see from the photos that it was growing mildew and needed to be replaced


Siding:  This house got brand new tan shingles with a matching light tan trim

Shutters: Dark brown shutters compliment the whole house.

Roofing: A brand new roof helps bring the whole house together. High quality asphalt shingle roofing provides an amazing curb appeal but is a roof that will help protect this North Smithfield household for years to come.

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