Should I Repair or Replace My Window?

It’s the time-honored question. When something is broken in your home, is it time to repair or replace it? We’re going to explore this question in terms of your windows. The answer comes from what is causing the problem in the first place. If there’s something that is merely cosmetic, such as chipped paint, dingy glass, or pesky hardware, then it’s going to be easier to fix than you think.


It’s simple enough to sand or repaint the exterior of your windows. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, then you can easily hire a professional painter to do it for you. You face a larger problem if there are holes, cracks, or voids in the frame of your window. In terms of this kind of damage, merely painting over it is not going to solve your problem.

Dingy and dirty glass is another easy thing to fix on your own. There are a number of window products on the market that will help you to achieve this. Do check to make sure that the dirtiness is on the outside of the window, and not in between the panes of glass. Washing the outside of your windows and still not receiving any kind of clarity is a good indication that you need to get in between those panes in order to fix the problem.


When you’re experiencing dirt, cloudiness, and condensation in your window, this is a pretty good indication that the seal that holds the window sash together into the window frame is not working out for you. When this happens, moisture and dirt get in between the panes of glass and your window is no longer energy efficient. The air is being allowed to flow between the glass panes. What was once two panes of glass contributing to energy efficiency is now one pane of glass that isn’t helping you out much. Now you have a problem on your hands.

This is a situation in which the windows ultimately need to be replaced. If you’re facing this issue, then check to see if your window manufacturer has a warranty that you can use. When this isn’t the case, you’re just going to have to swallow the bill. Essentially, this is going to pay you back in the long run. Most windows have a 10-15 year limited manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s worth the time and effort to see if your windows are covered.