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Single-hung windows with double-pane glass are constructed with ¾” Low-E Plus Glass with Intercept and an argon gas fill between the panes, greatly enhancing their energy efficiency. In addition, here are just a few other features that set Barrington Limited single-hung windows apart from the competition:

  • Curved exterior for a more pleasing appearance
  • Heavy-duty lock that tightly secures sashes
  • Grooved fusion weld, increasing longevity and thermal performance
  • Premium-quality vinyl frames that stand up to the elements for life, no matter where you live
  • Our single-hung windows feature a tilt-in bottom sash for easy cleaning. Plus, all Soft-Lite windows are backed by a transferable limited lifetime warranty. The Barrington Limited series also includes single-slider windows, picture windows, or geometric shapes of your choice.

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Double-hung windows are the most popular style manufactured by Soft-Lite ‒ and, in fact, are the most-used window throughout the country. A double-hung is the classic residential window, composed of a set of vertical sashes that both slide up and down. What is immediately apparent about a Soft-Lite double-hung window is its stylish beauty. What might not be so easy to see – until you get your next power bill – is how energy efficient Soft-Lite double-hung windows are. In fact, Soft-Lite’s double-hung designs are the most energy efficient in the industry, as well as the highest-performing.

Soft-Lite casement windows are one of the most energy efficient window styles manufactured, but that’s only one reason to consider them if you are in the market for replacement windows for your home. Certainly, it makes a difference to know that the specially designed air barriers, weather stripping, and energy-efficient glass packages will significantly reduce air filtration and improve insulation.

However, what should also be taken into consideration are the many design possibilities a set of casement windows provides, especially when combined with some of the other styles Soft-Lite offers. For example, imagine a beach cottage that faces the ocean. To give you the most enjoyment from that spectacular view, a Soft-Lite dealer can install a three-tiered window package – a horizontal row of large, dramatic casement windows sandwiched vertically between a set of elegant picture windows above and a row of outward-opening awning windows below. The interior vinyl frames and sashes could have a woodgrain finish, and the exterior frames can be manufactured in any color you choose.

If that sounds attractive, or if it gives you an idea for other window combinations such as bay windows or bow windows, keep in mind the following qualities that set Soft-Lite casement windows apart from the competition:

  • Minimal air filtration
  • Single-lever, multiple-point locking handles
  • Easy cleaning with 90-degree opening of the sash
  • Invisible screen retention hardware
  • Low-E coated energy-efficient glass packages
  • Elegant fold-in, slim-line handles

Picture windows from Soft-Lite allow you to create a dramatic, artistic effect inside your home by beautifully framing your view of the scenery outside. These types of windows come in all shapes and sizes, and are fixed windows, rather than made to be opened and closed. Because Soft-Lite picture windows are stationary and are manufactured to our industry-leading standards, they are among the most energy -efficient windows you can find.

No matter how you want to use our picture windows to take advantage of your home’s outdoor scenery, Soft-Lite has a wide variety of options available to help you integrate your new windows into your existing décor. Here are just a few of the qualities that make Soft-Lite the window of choice for discerning homeowners:

  • Colors – Soft-Lite’s variety of color choices and finishes are unmatched in the window manufacturing industry; if you want it, we have it
  • Woodgrains – ideal if you would like to match the interior frames of your picture windows with hardwood floors or fine wood furniture
  • Energy efficiency – while all Soft-Lite replacement windows meet or exceed industry standards for energy efficiency, we offer “greener” packages that include Low-E coating, krypton and argon gas infused panes, dual- and triple-glazing, insulated sashes, and more
  • Limited lifetime warranty – your picture windows are covered for the life of the building, and the warranty is transferrable to a new owner if you sell

Sliding windows from Soft-Lite are like double- hung windows turned 90 degrees horizontally. Sliders are ideal for homes with relatively low ceilings, but with plenty of horizontal space along the wall. In addition, a sliding window has a more contemporary appearance than the colonial-style double hung, so this is ideal if you happen to prefer the modern look.

Soft-Lite’s sliding windows come with the same attractive features that are standard for our many other types of windows, including the tightest, most energy-efficient frame seal in the industry and a limited lifetime warranty that is transferable to a new owner if you sell your home. None of our vinyl windows will rust, rot, warp, pit, corrode, blister, or fade. These are, quite simply, the last windows your home will ever need.

Here are just a few of the features that set our sliding windows apart from the competition:

  • Easy sliding action – Each Soft-Lite sliding window provides smooth, almost effortless operation on corrosion-resistant, tandem brass rollers
  • Minimal air infiltration – Specially designed air barriers and weather stripping greatly minimize air infiltration
  • Easy to clean – The sashes lift out of the window channel or tilt inward for easy cleaning of your sliding windows
  • Energy-efficient glass packages – Soft-Lite offers a variety of glass packages to meet your energy efficiency goals