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Our Commitment to Quality

We have embarked on a Journey to World Class. What does this mean for you? Better products, better service, and a better supplier of quality custom windows and doors. Read on for a few excerpts from our Journey to World Class Guide.

Our Mission: What is a Mission? You think of a Mission as a statement of what we will do. We summarize our Mission in the following Mission Statement: “We will provide an environment to attract, nurture and retain outstanding people who have a passion for consistently delivering quality products and services that exceed our customers expectations.”

Our Vision: Whereas a Mission Statement summarizes what we will do, a Vision Statement summarized what we will accomplish by doing what we do. Our Vision for Soft-Lite is: “To be the premier manufacturer of the highest quality custom made vinyl windows and suppliers of innovative support services designed to make our customers the leaders in the industry.”

Our Values: Regardless of who we are or what job we are doing at Soft-Lite, we will share a common set of values. They are: Customer Focus, Personal Integrity, Respect for People, Accountability, Work Ethic, and Teamwork.


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Call Us: 401-274-0111

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