When Do I Need New Siding?

As a homeowner there a comes a time when it’s necessary to upgrade various portions of your home. From a new window or a new roof people are often generally aware when these assets are at the end of their lifespan. As contractors we see that home siding is very much an unknown aspect that people are sure when they need an upgrade. Because of this we wanted to develop a blog post with signs that you should look into new siding.

Bubbling Siding: When siding breaks down and is exposed to high levels of heat then it can start to bubble or blister. If it wasn’t there when the siding was brand new then it certainly shouldn’t be there now.

Frequent Painting: If your home needs to be painted once every 5-6 years then that is a red flag. Your siding should keep its color for much longer. If you are investing in new siding this often thne you are most likely losing money. A new siding installation means that all other issues are resolved and you don’t have to spend money every 5-6 on a complete new paint job.

Increased Heating & Cooling Bills: When your heating and cooling costs start to rise, that is usually a sign that air is making its way into your house. Whether it be from your windows or doors or siding you need to find out. If your siding is letting in air you are then paying much more money then you should to keep your house a comfortable temperature all year long.

Peeling Paint Inside: Peeling paint or wallpaper inside is often a sign that moisture has made its way behind your walls. This is a direct sign that your siding has wholes or leaks within it.

Loose Siding: Head outside and make sure that all your siding is firmly intact. Loose siding can certainly not protect your home and must be immediately resolved.

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