When Should I Replace My Windows?

There comes a point in a homes life when the windows that were installed with the home just aren’t cutting it anymore. We recently wrote a blog about the importance of high quality windows but we now want to dive into knowing whether you need new windows. The windows are a crucial asset to a house and it’s important to recognize when it’s time to install new ones. Of course if you’re windows are looking unappealing that’s is a factor but there are actually many more. Here are some of the many reasons that should convince you that your windows are in need of a complete replacement.

Lifespan: If your home is really old and your windows haven’t been replaced since your home was built then there is a good chance they aren’t performing to the ability that they should.

Poor Performance: When simply opening and closing your windows becomes a difficult task, air starts to leak through, condensation & fog builds up or if windows are even nailed or painted shut then your windows are on their last life cycle.

Looks: Simply put, you want to look at your windows and not feel embarrassed. Windows shouldn’t have chipping, deterioration, water stains or an outdated style that clashes with the style of the rest of the home.

Noise: Do you live in a noisy part of town? If so and you feel like you can hear everything that is happening outside it could be in part because of your worn down windows. Homeowners are often shocked with the difference that simply new windows can make.

Energy Bills: Over the years have you seen your energy bills start to climb? Check the quality of your windows and during a cold day see if you can feel a draft coming into your home. United Better Homes has so many different window options that will help you stop wasting money on heating and cooling.

For more information about replacement windows or repair window services, please feel free to reach out to United Better Homes. We can be contacted over the phone at 401-274-0111 or through our online contact form.