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Charter Oak Siding

One of our premier siding products at United Better Homes, Charter Oak, effortlessly combines authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability and performance. Plus, the maintenance freedom it offers is truly unparalleled.

Charter Oak®Premium Vinyl Siding Featuring Neopor®Technology

Charter Oak® Premium Vinyl Siding Featuring Neopor® Technology

The top-notch quality of Charter Oak® Reinforced Premium Vinyl Siding is likely what will catch your attention first. It is manufactured with a stunning appearance of freshly painted wood, gorgeous shadow lines, and flawless design.

Experience both beauty and energy savings with this version of Charter Oak® siding. As one of our more popular options, know that it combines with Neopor® foam tech for exceptional energy efficiency and reliability under even the most extreme exterior conditions. The contoured foam underlayment not only bolsters Charter Oak's strength and impact resistance but also provides an insulating thermal barrier with extreme insulating capabilities.

  • Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with increased R-value (resistance to heat flow)
  • Healthier, dry wall assembly with the moisture vapor's ability to escape
  • Prevention from bowing, sagging, and denting with increase impact resistance
  • Rollover nail hem for superior performance in all conditions
  • Lifetime transferable warranty*

*Contact us for details

Charter Oak® Energy Elite Insulated Siding

Charter Oak® Energy Elite Insulated Siding

When you're worried about energy costs, and it's time to reside your property, Charter Oak® Energy Elite insulated vinyl siding is the way to go. It is a decent investment upfront, but the ROI on your property and energy savings will continue for years to come.

Enjoy a more comfortable, quiet home with aesthetic appeal that will have all the neighbors talking!

  • Reduce energy costs with precisely contoured insulating foam underlayment
  • 5 times the impact resistance of other siding options
  • Superior rigidity for even, straight walls
  • 500% more breathable - won't retain moisture or absorb it
  • Rollover nail hem
  • Lifetime transferable warranty

*Contact us for details.

Charter Oak's Color Collection

Charter Oak Reinforced Premium Vinyl Siding

Charter Oak Reinforced Premium Vinyl Siding

Charter Oak® Reinforced Premium Vinyl Siding is the perfect combination of authentic wood, durability, performance, and low to no maintenance that's unbeatable. It's built to withstand weather conditions including up to Category 5 hurricanes!

The colors available include everything you could ever want to compliment your property's exterior.

  • .046" premium panel thickness
  • Rollover nail hem
  • 5 times more rigid than the competition with superior strength

Charter Oak Soffit and Vertical Siding

TriBeam® Design makes Charter Oak Soffit and Vertical Siding the most rigid vinyl soffit you'll find. In fact, it's so rigid it can be used as verticle siding for architectural appeal. The material doesn't sag or twist, and it's the ideal low-maintenance choice for large overhangs, porch ceilings, or anywhere there is a high vertical impact desired.

  • Elegant 3-1/3" exposure width with an appearance of custom-milled soffit
  • Gently rounded board edges
  • Low-gloss finish, realistic shadow lines, fine texture
  • Superior wind resistance
  • 5 times more rigid than other soffit materials
  • Hidden aerations openings keep attics dry and cool
  • Doesn't warp, rot, or peel
  • Never needs painting.
  • Lifetime transferable warranty*

*Contact us for details


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