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As you walk in and out of your home each day, you're too busy to worry about the door you're going through. Experts say that you shouldn't have to concern yourself with a door installation in RI and surrounding states for up to 30 years, but there are several reasons why that timeframe could be off.

If you're experiencing trouble opening and shutting your door, if you see visible damages, or if the door is easy to open when it's warm and difficult to close when it's cold, then it's time to start considering your options.

Our experts will perform door replacement to meet your needs and your satisfaction because that's our guarantee! Call now to find out more.

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Our dedicated team of contractors services all of the state of Rhode Island.

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Looking for Door Replacement Services in Rhode Island?

No matter what you do, eventually, your exterior doors are going to wear down, become damaged, and start to lose their charm. Your front doors are generally the first place visitors and people passing put their focus. Feel proud about your property again with a door replacement that suits your home's existing style, your personal preferences, and your financial situation. Besides having a more aesthetically pleasing property, check out these other reasons for getting a new door:

  • Replace old seals that are broken to save a fortune on utility bills
  • Add security through a sturdy, strong, and secure new door
  • Lower the outside noise levels that disrupt your privacy
  • Get more for your home if you plan to sell

Still curious about getting services for door replacement in RI? We have an honest and educated customer service team standing by ready to answer all of your questions or clear up any concerns. Call us at your convenience for all the details.

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Our Provia Doors Are the Best On The Market

For over 35 years, Provia has been crafting exterior doors for homes in RI and throughout the country to create the most fabulous-looking entryways. That's why it's our preferred manufacturer when it comes to selecting a solution for your new door replacement. What you can expect to gain from a top-quality Provia door includes durability, ENERGY STAR® certified energy efficiency, security, and a stunning, welcoming entryway. Pick from a variety of colors and finishes, or mix and match your door front and back for a completely custom look!

Heritage Fiberglass: Oak Grain Pattern, Hemlock Grain Pattern

Signet® Fiberglass: Cherry Series, Mahogany Series, Oak Series, Fir Series

These fiberglass replacement doors come with a 7-year or 10-year warranty on the finish, so you can rest assured you'll be getting something built to last. Call us today, and we can start walking you through the process.

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Our Endless Styles for Interior & Exterior Doors

If you're one of the doubters that think that door installation isn't a job for a professional and is more DIY, then we want to inform you of what all you're getting with the crew from United Better Homes.

  • We will provide you with a creative design expert that gives you personal, undivided attention from the initial phone call.
  • You will have access to the best exterior doors in RI on the market at the most competitive rates because of our existing partnership with the top manufacturers.
  • Sizes, styles, colors, and features in every combination imaginable, including custom doors.
  • A warranty comes with your door purchase from the factory, and we pin on an additional LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY for the labor and services we provide.
  • Fast, efficient, and precise door installation is done how it's meant to be with our qualified general contractors!

As you can tell, working with a reliable window and door company like United Better Homes comes with a variety of perks you can't put a price tag on. Get started on your simple upgrade by reaching out.

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Custom Doors

Do you have an entryway in your residential building that doesn't meet the same standard measurements on the doors that you can find online or in-store? We do custom doors to meet your specifications exactly.

Patio Doors

Sit back and enjoy a modern view from your patio with a new patio door installation. Our trained experts will help you discover what's best for your location and climate, budget, and personal style preferences.

Storm Doors

When you have doors that face the same direction as severe storms and harsh climates, we have products that can quickly be installed to keep you, your loved ones, and your structure well protected.

Sliding Doors

Is your sliding glass door not sliding so well? Stop fighting with it and reach out to our customer service team. You'll be surprised at how reasonably priced our selections are, and how fast we can put it in!


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- Michael Robinson
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