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Commercial Roofing in RI, CT & MA

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Commercial Roof Replacement and Repair

If you spot an area of your property’s roof that shows damage or if you discover a leak, then it’s definitely time to look for commercial roof repair and replacement services. Your business needs a roof it can rely on to last for years to come, whether it is facing severe RI, CT & MA weather or economic cycles. The team at United Better Homes performs full commercial roof replacement projects on a regular basis. The safety of your property begins and ends with a roof that is in excellent condition, and this can sometimes mean starting over with a new roof. At United Better Homes, we are committed to keeping your roof in tip-top shape. Our tradesmen are meticulous and experienced, bringing you high-quality commercial roof repair and commercial roof replacement at prices you can afford. We have roofed building after building, and they all serve a different purpose. Past projects include the following: Churches, Schools, Apartment Complexes, Shopping Centers, and more. We are qualified, certified, and ready to repair TPO roofs, energy-efficient roofing systems, Metal Roof Systems, Roof Coating, etc. Tell us the goals for your building, and we will meet your needs. Several factors will influence a commercial roof’s service life: design quality installation, products, maintenance, roof use, abuse, and weather. When it comes to your roofing in RI, CT & MA, there are common problems that occur and require commercial roofing repair or even commercial roofing replacement.

System Assemblies

Fully Adhered

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Get the highest stability and uplift protection with a fully adhered system, plus a complete line of adhesives suitable for high wind areas.


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The most widely installed system in commercial roofing, mechanically-attached assemblies are perfect for areas with moderate winds.



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The most popular product in commercial roofing, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is the most economical choice in heat-weldable membranes. TPO offers ease of welding for seaming and detailing. It’s highly reflective and can help greatly reduce air conditioning costs. For more information about TPO roofing, give us a call or submit a quote request.


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Our ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) membrane provides long-term strength, durability and weatherability. Its black surface can assist with snow melt and heat gain in colder climates. Its elasticity is great for freeze/thaw conditions and hail-prone areas. EPDM can be easily installed without electric-powered tools.


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Great experience from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. They had by far the best quality and warranty, which is why I went with them. They also offer amazing financing plans which allowed me to complete the entire project at once as I had hoped. Highly recommended.
- Michael Robinson
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