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GivePower Foundation Donation

United Better Homes Loves To GivePower Back!

Through our partnership and the partnerships of hundreds of other donors, GivePower, solar energy is making massive strides in providing countries around the globe with the basic, yet essential articles of life.

Powering Life's Basic Needs

Through the GivePower Foundation, countries all over the globe are getting the much-needed water, energy, and other resources to live happy, healthier lives. Do you want to learn more about why we donate a portion of the profits we earn from successful jobs completed? Check out their page full of helpful information.
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Explore the GivePower Foundation

Clean drinking water
Energy to power schools
Improvements to conservation efforts
Emergency disaster relief

What We Do to Help

If you're thinking about making the switch to solar, know that with every job we complete, United Better Homes donates $40 to this incredible organization. You'll feel good knowing you've helped out such an important organization!

GivePower with United Better Homes!

Learn more about GivePower & what you can do to be a part of the mission by calling us today!
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