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We had a fantastic experience with United Better Homes. Their estimate was very reasonable and they took their time to answer any and all questions. Ed made a thorough evaluation of the work to be done on our roof and the job was completed in one day. I can’t say enough about the workers who did the job. They were amazing and left the property just as they found it. Any questions I had were addressed immediately. I highly recommend United Better Homes for your next home project.
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Mark Ayers Avatar
Mark Ayers
Team was quick and very professional. Dave Hickey was phenomenal to work with. Really went to great lengths to explain all our options and what would work best for us. In addition to working with the town and insurance company to make sure everything went smoothly. Dave was literally a phone call away when needed or to answer any questions. Construction was completed in 1 day. Complete roof and solar install which was amazing.
Abby Perry Avatar
Abby Perry
I had a great experience with my rooftop solar installation with United Better Homes. I was reticent to speak with the salesmen who came to my door, but they were professional and courteous. From my meeting with the salesman, David, when he explained all of the costs and benefits associated with solar panels, to the installation, everything went smoothly. The day before my installation, there was a huge windstorm that blew shingles off of my roof and United repaired that damage at no cost to me- even thought they had nothing to do with the storm! I have enjoyed watching the energy production on my app and trust that United Better Homes is there to support me. I couldn't recommend them more!
Ann Silva Avatar
Ann Silva
The personnel were friendly, courteous and professional. I was kept informed during each step of the process. United Better Homes also did a wonderful job coordinating with the town and the electric company. Thank you!
Al Bouchard Avatar
Al Bouchard
Excellent job clean and efficient. Had a new roof and solar panels installed. Would highly recommend for both. Thanks for a job well done.
Xiangyu Liu Avatar
Xiangyu Liu
I used United Better Homes to install solar panels on my roof. Great crew. Very Professional. Their attention to details is really top notch. One of the last panels was not fit properly, they ended up redoing the entire array of panels to make sure all are fit well nicely. They also finished their job on time. One of the planned day had a bad weather, so they had to finished early. But the next time, they came back with additional crews so that they can finish things up on time. I'm very impressed. One tiny thing that can use some improvement is that I would like to get some constant updates throughout the process. The process to get permits and inspections from the town and from utility company can be tedious. I'm glad that UBH is going through all those hoops, but being able to know where things are and whether I can apply some pressure on things would be useful. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the product. Highly recommended.
Ana Rodrigues-Lopes Avatar
Ana Rodrigues-Lopes
We were first introduced to United Better Homes by representative Eddie Roman (son). He has been always polite, courteous & friendly. When we met Ed Roman (father) we understood where his son got it from!! The office staff were all professional & complete with all the scheduling. The roofing team were punctual, polite & meticulous on their cleanup. Following roofing the solar crew were no different. We look forward to our next project with United Better Homes. Congratulations!!! Ana & Alberto Lopes
Stephanie Bassett Avatar
Stephanie Bassett
Awesome service , the employees know their stuff and excutes jobs in timely fashion ,great prices no complaints 👍 5 stars all the way.
Steven Boucher Avatar
Steven Boucher
Project was clean and professional. I am solar active.
Jason Bartlett Avatar
Jason Bartlett
Great customer service. The guys in the field were phenomenal.
Luz Negron Avatar
Luz Negron
I am very happy to have a new roof and not have to worry about water the leak in my kitchen anymore.
amazingsnow Avatar
I compared a few companies and I know I got the best value after the install was done. The crew was clean ,neat and professional. I did not have an easy install and the crew got everything to line up was prefect.
Yakov Neshcheretnyy Avatar
Yakov Neshcheretnyy
Whole process was very simple and easy to understand. The price was good snd the installers were very professional. Very happy with the quality of my solar panels and the upgrade to my system which they also did.
Keith Flanagan Avatar
Keith Flanagan
United Better Homes went above and beyond to help us. We got a new roof and solar panels. Everything went smoothly.
Randy Bond Avatar
Randy Bond
I got the solar panels done by United better homes. Prior to that electrical rewire work and plumbing restoration. This company does it all and if something they don’t do they will make a call. Great service.
Joan Plante Avatar
Joan Plante
The end results was everything they told me was great Plus mom😃
Michael Labossiere Avatar
Michael Labossiere
United Better Homes is a top notch company. Their professionalism, customer service and responsiveness deserves an A+ rating. They went above and beyond to satisfy our needs. As an example, during the design process, they challenged the utility company to establish our usage to maximize the size of the unit we could install. I had solicited other quotes from larger companies and their attitude was, "it is what it is, you can't fight city hall". Sure their quotes were a little cheaper, but you certainly get what you pay for. This is a lifetime investment and you should partner up with someone that you can trust.
Michael Roper Avatar
Michael Roper
My experience = Absolutely Fantastic!!! I had spoken to a few Solar Companies and hands down United Better Homes is amazing. From the start they were so great to work with and very responsive to my questions. The overall process took a lot less time than initially planned. Once National Grid activated my meter UBH called up and assisted me with switching on the panels and activating my app to begin tracking the panel production. I have to say I am very pleased with the production of energy and the app even shows me my usage and how much I am exporting back to National Grid for credit. The team worked with me to place the panels in the best configuration and also worked with me to run the conduit along the house to look as good as possible. As I had just installed a new roof I was concerned but UBH uses the latest K2 brackets for installation of real 400watt panels unlike some other companies 350watt. James and AJ my project manager really stayed in touch throughout the whole process. My panels are working so well I am thinking of all the ways I can utilize the extra power being produced. I would highly recommend UBH!!!
Joe Beltrami Avatar
Joe Beltrami
I wouldn’t give a second thought to recommending anyone to use United Better Homes. Ed and his crew are the most professional and courteous people I’ve ever had the pleasure to hire. They explained the whole process before touching anything and did everything they said they would. United is about to start a third home improvement project on my home, and will continue to be my go to for any other future projects.
Eric Phillips Avatar
Eric Phillips
Great experience with United Better Homes! Very attentive to my questions/concerns. I was taken advantage in the past and both Eddie and David guided me throughout the whole process! I highly recommend for your next roofing or construction project!
Tom McGrath Avatar
Tom McGrath
Thank you to Ed, Simon, Omani, Will, Rosie and the install crews. When my original roofer did not honor thier 10 year warranty, 5 years after their install, United stepped in and corrected the problem. The professionalism demonstrated by everyone involved was outstanding. The scheduling was prompt and accurate. The work was preformed safely and cleanly. The pricing was fair. I have been involved in the interior residential remodeling industry since 1980, and know quality work and good value when I see it. United Better Homes is the real deal. Thank you for a job well done, I wish I had hired you initially.
Rene Brana Avatar
Rene Brana
I own two properties in the area so have definitely gone through my fair share of contractors. There have only been two that I would personally recommend and UBH is on the top of that short list. They were able to install a new roof, Solar, doors and windows seamlessly. Every crew that came over were considerate, friendly and more than willing to walk us through each portion of the work they were intending to complete. I have to say I haven’t been happier with a contractor. Will be using them from here going forward. It is at least worth your time to have this team give you a quote. There are bigger names in the area but I doubt anyone that covers the breadth of their offerings and definitely not the professionalism.
Eric Mendelson Avatar
Eric Mendelson
We contracted installation of 19 Solar Panels and appropriate equipment. We included tree removal and an upgrade to our electrical panel. We even included a couple of outdoor electric outlets. Everything was done in a professional and timely fashion. The team responded quickly to all our questions and needs. Their workers were professional and confirmed every visit. United Better Homes handled all the inspections and communication with the power company. I would do business with them again in a minute.
Matthew Reddy Avatar
Matthew Reddy
Excellent as always! I use them all the time. Amazing job.
Kurt K Avatar
Kurt K
UBH did an excellent job on our roof + solar install. Responsive and helpful every step of the way, and the work crews were on time, professional, and worked quickly. We chose UBH over cheaper competitors because of the customer service, and they deliver! So nice to have a company that doesn’t ghost you once the job is done.
Christopher and Kathryn Morrone Avatar
Christopher and Kathryn Morrone
I would like to share our solar experience. After speaking with 5 other companies about going solar my wife and I still were on the fence. We had a lot of unanswered questions some things the other salespersons told us wasn't making sense. Then we spoke to Derek Moore from United Better Homes Solar. Not only did he answer all of my unanswered questions he also was able to reassure my wife that my decision to explore solar for my home was the correct decision. Derek not only has the knowledge, but he also able to articulate the information to make it easy to understand he is a huge asset to this company and for him to be the first point of contact really set us at ease because we figured if he's this knowledgeable and professional then the rest of the team must be as well, and for us they all were. The way this company worked was seamless, once we agreed to hire them and the ball was rolling A.J. was our next point of contact and he began getting the paperwork started. Dealing with A.J. and Derek really made the whole process stress free, thank you both so much. We were scheduled to have our panels installed in June 2023. I then received a call from Kris the install coordinator letting me know all of the permits and engineering was complete and approved within only a few weeks worth of time, and not only was that great news to us but they were ready to install right away. Brad and the rest of the install team came the next week and were amazing, not only were they professional they were polite and prompt. For those of you still reading it is May 2023 and my panels are online and producing power 1 month ahead of schedule. My wife and I are extremely satisfied not only is going solar a big expense but its a new thing and can be uneasy. Untied Better Homes Solar and the team we had made the whole experience not only stress free, but exciting. We are so happy and tell everyone to call Derek he is the only person that can answer ALL the questions.
Amelia Hill Avatar
Amelia Hill
Solar panel installation. Amazing local company. Very pleased with their work and service. Planning to hire them to install solar panels on a different property; that’s how pleased I was with their work.
Anestis Halkidis Avatar
Anestis Halkidis
United Better Homes replaced my cedar shingles siding with Hardie planks. In addition, they replaced my windows. They did a great job for both. Will definitely use them again.
Jamie Allen Avatar
Jamie Allen
I am a new home owner. I wanted to install a solar energy system and was researching ways to go about having solar installed. My fiancé is a Firefighter / Paramedic and a lieutenant at her station recommended United Homes as he had a system installed by United. My experience with everyone from United I have to say hands down has been incredible from everyone involved. The professionalism, the transparency and personal attention I received throughout the entire process from start to finish has been above and beyond what I would have expected. I would definitely recommend United Homes to anyone who may have needs for a contractor.
casey furtado Avatar
casey furtado
Solar system install was completed in one day. The crew of guys that installed the system were respectful, neat, and fast. Would recommend this company to any one.
Girish Soni Avatar
Girish Soni
Very professional team. Did excellent work on my roof and solar system installation.
Phil Fish Avatar
Phil Fish
United Better Homes did a terrific job estimating and installing solar panels on my house. They made the process easy to understand and completed the work quickly and cleanly. Afterward I had a couple minor punch-list items that they fixed right away. Best part: they contacted me recently—nearly a year after installation—about signing up for the new federal renewable energy credits. Talk about ongoing customer service!
Boyd Scott Avatar
Boyd Scott
We hired United Better Homes in 2022 to replace windows, remove and install kitchen cabinets and plumbing, install luxury vinyl flooring and more in 3 rental apartments in Central Falls. They did excellent work, very knowledgeable, great eye for detail, and were very easy to work with. Best of all, they are dedicated to doing the job right, unlike many other contractors we have hired over the years. We will definitely hire them again.