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Generac Solar Batteries

Receive up to $8,437 up-front discount or up to $1,800 annually for the next 5 years!
When you purchase a PWRcell Solar + Storage System & Sign up for Generac's Guaranteed Incentive Program.

Looking for a Solar Battery? Check Out Our Generac® Options

Why do you need a solar battery for your solar power system? Because you can't always use all of the energy you've safely and effectively harnessed from the sun, and you don't want it to go to waste! The solar battery options available through Generac® are what we offer all of our customers. Why? Because through our time and experience in the industry, we've determined that these are the best!

United Better Homes, a general contractor company, has tried a plethora of solar battery installers and solar battery dealers. However, through our experimentation, we've found the best on the market. Unfortunately, while your rooftop solar is a fantastic feature of your updated, eco-friendly, energy-efficient home, as soon as the sun goes down, you're either out of energy and left in the dark or switching back to traditional energy options.

With a quality solar battery storage system as part of your solar array, you will have solar energy available and pumping through your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Are you eager to learn more about this much-needed feature of your new solar energy system? Then, give us a call!

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Does Your Solar Power System Need a Solar Battery?

How can you know for sure if investing in the cost of a solar battery is worth it? By understanding the benefits. We know because we've been highly trained and educated in all things solar. However, unless you've done some research, it's likely to be confused and overwhelmed with all the accessories available for your solar array.

Before you eliminate the solar battery from the list of add-ons to your solar panel system, understand the advantages of including it:

  • Backup in the event of a blackout
  • More reliability in the system
  • Load shifting capabilities
  • Save more on energy bills
  • Potential for energy trading
  • Add yourself to the list of people on the Smart Grid Revelation!

Before installing just any solar battery, understand that we offer state-of-the-art options from reputable Generac® manufacturers. Learn more about it by calling our professional solar battery installation company!

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Check Out the Solar Incentive Program From Generac® Available in Your Area Now!

Click your state below to find out more of the specifics surrounding the Generac® Connected Solutions program, and see exactly how much you can save on solar!

Install a Solar Battery & Never Deal With Power Outages Again!

You're eager about the benefits of going solar at your residence or commercial location. However, you can't shake the thought of what will happen if the grid goes down. No system is flawless, and of course, that potential is always there. With a durable, reliable, advanced solar power system, including a solar inverter, you can switch from live solar energy to backup stored in your battery. In fact, many of our customers report not even noticing that the grid is down. That's how fast things happen.

The Generac® power cell system holds 18kW of energy, which is enough to power almost most homes during even long-lasting power outages. The PWRcell battery attracts the sun's energy, stores it, and is there for when you need it the most. If you're still worried about running out, consider installing multiple solar batteries for peace of mind.

We offer the option for a solar battery for RI, MA, & CT residents are actively seeking out. While we're local to this region, we can also serve your needs in Connecticut and Massachusetts! So what are you waiting for? Get the personal attention, quality products, and continued support you need for your solar conversion. Call United Better Homes today!

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The Generac® PWRCELL Incentive Program

You've likely heard about the numerous tax rebates, tax incentives, and solar tax programs out there. So, you want to dive in once you know you're getting all the possible savings. Our knowledgeable customer service staff will willingly go through all the aspects of the Guaranteed Incentive Connected Solutions program. What does that include, you ask?

  • Annual incentive -  yearly payments for the next five years* (between $1,100 and $2,000 depending on location and system)
  • Up-front discount - don't wait and get your up-from savings enrolling in the program* ($5,100 - $9,300)

Before you know it, your new solar power system will be paying for itself and then pay you back. Don't you want to jump on board before too many sunny days slip by? Give us a call. We will do what we can to get your services met fast!


*Terms and conditions apply. To be eligible, you must apply, be accepted, and participate in the Program in accordance with the Program Requirements.



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Find Our Generac® Solar Installers Near You!

Our team of qualified Generac® solar installers is eager to assist you with all of your solar power needs. We can start you with a consultation to review what your opportunities for solar panel system installation are. Rest assured that nothing will be ignored or missed. You will get a complete evaluation of your property, and we will determine the cost, how much sun exposure will be reasonably converted to solar energy, a timeframe for completion, and a whole lot more.
You will have the chance to review everything presented, have all your questions answered, and feel 100% comfortable about your solar project before we ever ask you to sign on the dotted line. We understand that this can be slightly confusing and overwhelming. But that's what we're here for. Let us help you switch to solar and start seeing the financial advantages immediately.

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