Moving into a new home? How are the windows?

Before homeowners put their house up for sale a frequent home renovation project is new replacement windows. But, there are others that don’t and home buyers can easily get fooled if they don’t check out the condition of the windows. If you’re buying a house the windows are low-quality and old you should certainly be aware.

To make sure you aren’t left in the dark, check out the quality of the windows and look for some of these signs they may be outdated:

  • Drafts: Walk past the windows and try to feel any air coming in through them.
    • If you move into this house with drafty window you’ll have to get them replaced or else your energy bills will be much higher than required.
  • Appearance: The windows in your home should go well with the rest of the house. If they a sight for sore eyes, then this should be a red flag.
  • Open/Close: To make sure they work, try opening a few windows around the home. If they are heavy, rattle loudly then they are most likely old. As well, if it is difficult to close them this is also a safety hazard.

These three checks don’t take much time but they make sure that you’re going into a home that you understand all that it offers.

Save yourself costly repairs or try and drive down a house cost by being as aware as possible. If you have already moved into your new home around Rhode Island and Massachusetts and have realized these issues, feel free to reach out United Better Homes. We are a leading window company providing a wide range of window solutions and contractors that lead the industry.

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