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Classic & Modern Double Hung Windows in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Double Hung Windows that Are Built For Style & Functionality

When you think about different window styles, the most common that come to mind are typically single hung windows, and the similar double-hung selections. These are very comparable in appearance, but the functionality is slightly different. It's really a personal preference for every homeowner, and if you're not confident in what to pick, we're here to help. However, we don't install single hung windows. Why? Our offerings for double hung windows in RI & MA have a higher level of functionality and are preferred for almost all projects.

When you choose double-hung windows made with fiberglass, expect to receive the same high quality, sturdy, easy-to-care-for window installation for your home from our contractors. Call for a FREE quote customized for your property.

Single & Double hung windows in Rhode Island
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Single Hung Windows or Double-Hung in RI & MA... What's Best?

How can you decide between single hung and double-hung windows in RI or MA? That's what our expert window replacement contractors are here for. We can walk you through all the features and benefits of double hung windows vs. single hung windows, including the varying price points that are suitable for all budgets. Again, double-hung windows offer a top and bottom sash that are both moveable, as opposed to single hung windows, where the top sash is fixed. This is preferable most of the time for added flexibility. Here are some of the benefits of our double hung windows:

  • Limitless color and finish options
  • Designed with details of traditional wood windows
  • Sleek frame with contemporary appeal
  • Tilt operation for quick and easy cleaning
  • Hardware, divided lites, glass choices, and numerous configurations for a completely customized project

Eager to learn more about our window styles? We have someone standing by, ready to schedule your on-site consultation. We also do virtual FREE quotes for your peace of mind. 

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Save Money on Energy Bills with New Window Installation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) EnergyStar program has some of the strictest standards when it comes to determining what windows are endorsed energy efficient. We work with top brands that have earned this label many years running, and with that certification, you are sure to see savings on your energy bills.

  • $126 to $465 annual savings with single-pane window replacement
  • $27 to $111 yearly savings with double-pane window replacement

Of course, you can only be sure to get the performance you're expecting if you choose a qualified contractor to do the installation. Trust that we follow all the proper procedures so that you can keep some cash in your wallet.

Energy efficient double hung window installation
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Window Replacements in RI & MA That Last a Lifetime

After you go through the process of having new windows installed, it's a project that you shouldn't have to worry about again for a very long time, if at all. We work with manufacturers that guarantee their products are built to withstand the harshest elements and hold up for decades. On top of that, we add a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our services.

Our knowledgable and highly-trained crew will do your window replacement to the exact specifications for a durable, low-maintenance, long-lasting finished result. We will let you know what coverage you have before we leave, and if something goes wrong, don't hesitate to call us. We will run right back over to evaluate the problem and fix it fast.



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