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Home Window Problems That Arise During Winter

July 30, 2019

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Your entire home’s exterior gets tested a little bit extra during the winter. The freezing temperatures, ice, and heavy snow possess a few more issues than a nice summer day. With a little more pressure comes additional issues that rise around the house. Here are some frequent problems that we see when it comes to windows.

Window Condensation: After a cold winter night, your windows will naturally be cold themselves. This becomes a problem during the winter because the warm sun during the day often creates condensation on the windows due to the temperature discrepancy. If you continue to have this issue, it may be time to contact a specialist.

Leaks/Drafts: When windows are installed properly (we stress the “properly” part) the entire window framed is sealed up so no air gets through. With poorly installed windows or over time this can break down with the rest of the window. During the summer you may not notice but be sure that your windows are not leaking during the winter.

Ice:  Ice on your windows can just be from humidity but it can also be because your windows are working the right way. Air drafts can actually lead to ice buildup.

The winter is the time of the year that your windows get truly tested!

If you are having problems, reach out to the specialists at United Better Homes. Throughout Rhode Island & Massachusetts we have been installing and repairing windows for years.

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