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7 Things to Do in Cranston, RI | Exploring Rhode Island

January 29, 2022

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There are always lots of things to do in Cranston, RI, and surrounding areas! This beautiful city offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor attractions year-round. Keep reading to find out about some great things to do in Cranston as early as this weekend.

1. WaterFire Providence

WaterFire is an amazing modern day art exhibit along the riverwalks of the city. The exhibit includes a fire lighting in the middle of the rivers, paper lanterns, and other amazing displays. In addition, you can also enjoy live music and special shows year-round. In order to check the current lighting schedule, visit their website:


2. Pawtuxet Village

If you’re ready for a little slice of Americana, visit Pawtuxet Village. This quaint village, located where the Pawtuxet River meets the Providence River, is nothing less than downright quaint and quiet! The village boasts a wealth of classic shops including antique stores and bakeries. Additionally, you can enjoy small town bookstores and cafes. Not to mention that they are all within walking distance of each other! For more information on the village, visit:


3. Goddard Memorial State Park

With almost 500 acres of untouched beauty, you’ll love exploring Goddard Memorial State Park. The park offers a nine-hole golf course and 18 miles of bridle trails for horse lovers. There are also over 300 picnic tables in the park, so don’t hesitate to pack a lunch! For location information and more, check out their website:


goddard memorial park ri

4. Rail Explorers

Rail Explorers is a unique touring experience perfect for the entire family. You can follow railway tracks on a small pedal car, offering a fun yet easy workout with exciting views. The Rhode Island tour follows a route along Jamestown, the Mount Hope Bridge, Hog Island Lighthouse, and more. As soon as you’re ready to book your visit, check out:


5. Roger Williams Park Botanical Center

Flowers lovers will want to check out Roger William Park Botanical Center, a unique glasshouse display garden. One attractions is a beautiful rose maze. Additionally, you can check out colorful perennials, palms, cacti, and succulents. For current hours or to plan a private event, visit:


6. Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

The Pomham Rocks Lighthouse is a great attraction for history buffs and lighthouse lovers everywhere. The classic attraction offers a stunning view of the bay, in a tranquil setting you’ll love to visit. In addition, the lighthouse is also home to many events year-round, including fundraising marathons and more. For a list of events and current visitation hours, check out:


roger williams zoo

7. Roger Williams Park Zoo

If you need something to do in Cranston with the kids, check out the Roger Williams Park Zoo! This fun location offers a wide range of animals and exhibits to enjoy. Additionally, you can check out a wide range of birds and insect exhibits. For current hours, visit the website:


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