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Top 10 Pro Tips to Know About Roofing in Rhode Island

May 27, 2021

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Durable, high-quality roofing in Rhode Island is vital for every structure, as the state’s ever-changing and often inclement weather can wreak havoc on areas roofs. Unfortunately, many homeowners and commercial property owners know very little about the roof that’s over their heads, including how to maintain it and when it needs repairs.

To ensure your residential or commercial roof is always in good repair, check out these 10 pro tips you should know about roofing in Rhode Island.

rhode island pro roofing tips

1. Sometimes More Expensive Rhode Island Roofing Is Better

If your roofing contractor recommends a roofing material that is more expensive than others, don’t assume he or she is just trying to “rip you off”. High-quality roofing, built with thick, durable materials will often cost more to install than other options, but will usually last longer and provide better insulation. Investing in those quality options means lower utility costs and less need for replacement over the years.

2. No, a General Contractor Should Not Manage Your Roofing

Tearing off and installing new roofing materials is not like putting up drywall or any other jobs easily managed by general contractors. Quality roof installation requires years of training and experience, and an amateur installation can result in roof leaks, shingles blowing off the roof, and other unexpected disasters.

3. Replace Your Roof in Rhode Island Before It Needs It

Waiting until your home or commercial structure is missing large sections of shingles or tiles before scheduling reroofing might actually cost you more money in the long run. Worn-out and missing roofing materials risk roof leaks, which can then mean additional repairs inside and outside the home, and the potential for mold growth and other such damage. Schedule reroofing before the roof is excessively worn or damaged, to avoid these costs and ensure your structure is in good condition.

4. Maintenance Means Lower Costs Overall

Regular roof inspections are an excellent investment for any property, and maintaining a structure’s roof with needed repairs means lower costs over the years. Ignoring missing shingles, broken tiles, torn flashing, and other damage risks holes in the roof and resultant water damage inside the home, as well as the need for an entirely new roof. Investing in repairs as needed will then keep your costs lower over the lifetime of property ownership.

roof maintenance rhode island

5. Roof Cleaning Is Part of Maintenance

When was the last time you had your structure’s roof cleaned? Storm debris, dust, soot, air pollution residues, and even bird droppings are often caustic and damaging, and work their way under tiles and shingles, loosening them and their connectors. To keep the roof in good condition, ensure you keep it clean throughout the year.

6. Trim Back Overhanging Tree Branches

Tree branches tend to drop lots of damp leaves and twigs onto roofs below and become roosting places for birds who leave their droppings behind as well. To protect a roof from damaging debris, trim back those overhanging branches regularly.

7. Clean Those Gutters

Property owners might not associate clean gutters with a roof in good repair, but clogged gutters allow for standing rainwater; roof eaves, underlayment, and other materials than absorb that water, leading to premature damage. While gutter cleaning is probably not your favorite job, ensure it’s done as needed to protect your structure’s roof.

8. Roof Vents Are an Important Part of the Roof

Roof vents allow humidity inside the home to escape and they also allow roof materials to breathe as well. Blocked or damaged vents mean trapped humidity along the roof line which can result in wood rot and other damage. Keep those vents in good order to avoid otherwise unnecessary repairs.

new roof in rhode island

9. Be Wary of Adding New Roof Layers to an Existing Roof

Adding new roofing over existing shingles or other materials means less cost and hassle, but even if local building codes allow for another roof layer, be wary of adding these to your structure’s roof. Too much weight on the roof can lead to premature damage, and worn or damaged shingles might not provide an adequate foundation for that new roof.

10. Your Rhode Island Roofing Can Affect Property Values

Because a structure’s roof is so vital for interior insulation, its condition can affect property values. An older, worn-out roof can easily lower the value of your home or commercial structure, while investing in a new roof, especially of durable, high-quality material, can increase those values. This is especially vital to remember if you might put your property on the market anytime in the future and are looking to get maximum profits from the sale.

United Better Homes is proud to offer this information about roofing in Rhode Island to our readers and we hope you found it helpful. If you’re in the market for roof repairs or a new roof installation, trust our experienced Rhode Island roofing contractors to get the job done right. We offer quality repairs at affordable prices, and outstanding customer service you won’t find elsewhere. To find out more, give us a call today.

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