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Window Replacement in 10 Easy Steps

June 4, 2020

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If you’ve never had home windows replaced, you might not know where to start and might find the whole process a bit overwhelming! To alleviate as much stress as possible and ensure you’re happy with your new windows for years to come, check out these 10 standard steps to a window replacement process.

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Here are some additional tips!

1. Home inspection and research

Home inspection is a critical first step to window replacement! Older homes and dormers might accommodate only certain window types and sizes, and your new windows should complement your home’s unique architectural details.

2. Consultation

Once a window installer has assisted in narrowing down your new window choices, you then meet with him or her to review installation times, final costs, and other vital details.

3. The agreement

Reputable window installation companies always offer their customers a written agreement! This ensures all details are in writing and allows you to reconsider your options, right up until you sign on the dotted line.

4. Expert measurements

It’s vital that a window installer take precise, expert measurements for your new windows, and especially new custom windows, as even the slightest miscalculation often results in unsightly gaps or windows that simply don’t fit.

5. Ordering

Once your window installer has measured your home and you’ve decided on a new window style, he or she places the order for your new windows. Your installer should also inform you of when to expect your new windows and also make an appointment for their installation.

6. Manufacturing and assembly

Once your new windows arrive from the manufacturer, they might require additional assembly! Many window manufacturers deliver windows in separate pieces, to ensure they stay intact during shipping. An expert window installer then assembles the pieces as needed, so your new windows are ready for installation!

7. Installation

Once your new windows are assembled, your old windows are removed and your home is prepped as needed. Your window installer will also typically remove those old windows and any additional hardware and wood scraps, so you don’t need to worry about post-installation cleanup!

8. Inspection

Your beautiful new windows are installed, but the process is not over yet! Every reputable window installer then performs a full inspection, ensuring your new windows are sealed properly, open and close completely, and are sparkling clean as well.

9. Review the warranties

Once windows are installed, it’s vital that homeowners understand all their warranty details. Your installer will typically review these details with you, ensuring you’re familiar with various window features and parts and have no questions about what’s covered in your new agreement.

10. Follow-up!

High-quality home windows should last for years before needing repairs or replacement, but a reputable window installer will typically still follow up with all clients and customers some time after installation, perhaps even more than once! Your installer will often even ask for an in-home appointment so he or she can inspect those windows once again, to ensure everything is functional and that you’re completely happy with your new window installation.


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